Flint's Log, Pt. 1

My fellow halflings may find salvation even sooner than I thought! I have found a ragtag group of adventures while coming upon Oleg’s fort that have grown to be quite a reliable group. Together we had defeated a large and dangerous bandit camp, lured out a devious bunch of pranking feys, and fought a crazed man turned into a bear! Unfortunately, one of our friends was killed in that last battle, but his legacy shall live on in his efforts to explore and colonize these lands. Perhaps we shall name a settlement after him? Who knows!

Today, I must return to our secret refugee camp that I’ve been able to find for these freed halflings, and give them an update on my efforts. And also make sure no barbarians, wild animals, or whatever else, have threatened my brothers. I will not have all of this be for nothing…!



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