Yolanda's Diary

With the soldiers at the fort, this is a great time to practice my skills on them. Sure they are very easy to please but one must start somewhere. The Ladies of the Court of Bervoy might have men better worth their while to control and use, but beggars cannot be choosers. If I cannot successfully use my feminine whiles on these commoners, then how will I be able to charm the powerful men of the high courts?

It’s nice to finally not be known for a change. At home, no one would ever dare touch me, even if I begged. Just because I’m daughter of the head of the village doesn’t mean I don’t have needs or desires. During our travels around Bervoy, we never stayed anywhere long enough to create a lasting relationship with anyone. So far it’s been hard to hon my skills of seduction and love making but now with these lonely men in the fort, I will be able to practice.

I have read that the women of the High Council use their feminine powers to rule over the men who “run” the lands. Though I am sitting this forest, thoroughly beaten and sometimes nearly dead, my dreams of being a true lady have not been put out. One day, I will help rule Bervoy with my charming ways, and seductive nature.



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