Calliope Celestina

Beautiful Spellcaster Maiden


Calliope Celestina, 19 years old, is the 3rd child and only daughter of Adelaide and Frederik Celestina. She has 2 older brothers, Sol Celestina and Orion “Nagxiv” Celestina.

The Celestina family were devout worshipers of the 6-armed, 3-eyed sun goddess, Taiia. They lived in Issia, Northern Brevoy.

The Celestina family lived in constant persecution for their religious beliefs. Most locals believed that Iomedae was the one true sun god, and that worshipers of Taiia were heretics. At high noon on summer solstice, which happened to be Colliope’s 6th birthday, clerics of Iomedae violently burst into the Celestina house. The clerics captured Adelaide and Frederik. Orion saw his would-be captors approaching, and ran off with his little sister.

The next morning, Adelaide and Frederik were publicly hanged as heretics. Wearing disguises, Orion and Calliope looked on helplessly as their parents were put to death, to the cheers of more than 100 zealous villagers. The one who pronounced their sentence was none other than the eldest brother, Sol, who converted to the church of Iomedae after returning from an adventure with Koba Jol.

For the next 5 years, Sol and his white dragon companion Calcryx relentlessly hunted Orion and Calliope. Living as vagrants going from town to town, Orion was able to take odd jobs and provide a bare minimum of food and shelter for himself and his little sister. Whenever he could, he would steal from any nearby wizards to provide reading material for his sister to learn the art of magic.

At the end of the 5th year, Sol finally managed to corner Orion and Calliope in a dark alley in the middle of the night. After a violent battle between the brothers, Sol had gotten the upper hand and was about to strike the killing blow on an unconscious Orion. Calliope used a stolen scroll of fireball that she had been saving for an emergency. It detonated directly on Sol, burning him to within an inch of his life, leaving horrific scars on his body. Calcryx, who had also been badly burned by the spell, grabbed Sol by the scruff of his neck and flew off into the darkness with him.

After recovering from the battle, Orion and Calliope went on the move again, and made their way to Korvasa. Toff Ornelos, headmaster of the Korvasa Wizard’s Academy, agreed to allow Calliope to stay with him, in exchange for her services as a scribe and low-level spell caster. Confident that his sister was in good hands, Orion adapted the new name Nagxiv, and left to exact his revenge against his brother, Sol.

Over the next 8 years, Calliope lived with Toff Ornelos, whom most people assumed was her grandfather. Toff was killed during the Festival of Breaching by a dwarf named Dresden. Afterward, it was revealed that Toff had made a pact with a powerful devil named Chyvom, and that the festival was nothing more than a way to imprison new souls for his evil master.

With her beloved foster grandfather dead, Calliope decided to look for a new start by becoming a settler in the Stolen Lands.

Calliope Celestina

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