Relinor Bumbledak

Dwarf Barbarian on a quest to regain his honor


This is the tale of Relinor Drimblebeard, a strong and rage infused dwarf grew to fame among his clansmen in Numeria. A home for a nomadic dwarf such as he lied inside the bones of his enemies, the towering skeletal remains of the giants and mammoths he and his fellow Dwarven brethren felled upon the wastelands of his home. Proud was his a barbarian such as he, sharing the blood of the great warrior Dorik Drimblebeard.

War and blood is all he knows, save for the wretched malice of the Orc clan Grumbrik. The orcs disgusted Relinor so, there is no honor amongst Orcs and their faces look stupid to boot. Steeling his resolve, Relinor lead a daring raid at night against the orc camp, bravely striking at the heart of the camp in the midst of night and removing their dastardly spellcaster, from the fray.

Unfortunately, boldness does not make up for stealth capabilities in situations such as this.

Before Relinor could so much as see the Orc encampment, a cowardly spell cast by an evil druid directed Relinor away from the glory of battle and to the unnatural lust for insects. As the Drimblebeard clan’s sting forces fought a losing battle against the ambush of the Grumbrik, Relinor’s will was twisted to exhibit a lust for bumble bees. By the end of the night, not but three of the total twenty that entered the battle returned to the clan defeated- and every beehive from Grumbrik territory to Drimblebeard’s camp suffered an unmentionable dwarf appendage.

That night, both Relinor’s pride and genitalia were severely mutilated, and befitting his shameful performance in battle Relinor was banished from the clan and appropriately branded with the name Bumbledak. Not even Dwarves have skin thick enough to shield from the ensuing shame that befell Relinor Bumbledak.

Woeful of his humiliation, Relinor vowed to regain his honor and the trust of his clansmen by searching out his father, Dorik Drimblebeard, in the Stolen Lands for the duel of a lifetime to reclaim his name given by birth.

Relinor leaves for Oleg’s Outpost this day, unknown heroic adventures waiting to be experienced and told.

Relinor Bumbledak

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