Moonfish_by_SnowSkadi.jpgYolanda was born in a small village in the forests of Bervoy. She spent much of her life roaming around with the fae who lived there, and helped them play pranks on her unsuspecting friends and family. She always wanted to enjoy a full life but unaware of what that meant, she know it wasn’t in the tiny town that she was born in.

Yolanda always was and still is the center of attention. She enjoys being talked about, looked at, and the way that everyone seems like to her. Travelers who would stay at her families home always told Yolanda that she possessed natural talents that could make any women powerful in high society. Yolanda would dream about wearing silk dresses, and going to court to become a lady of the high council.

She was finally able to escape when one day her cousin Slinker suggested that together they could make their way in the world, without their family or friends. Together the roamed Bervoy until they came upon the call for settlers in the Stolen Lands. Looking for adventure, Slinker agreed, but Yolanda was only half convinced.

Though in the forest, Yolanda still practices her skills in being loved by all, along with the talents that can only be learned from experience that one must have to be a lady of the high council. She must be engaging, lovely, and able to make anyone forget their worries. Lucky for her, lonely soldiers are great for practicing on, though once it comes to time to go back into society, she will need to step up her game.


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