Pharast 4th

Spent the 2nd day with the kobolds finishing up traps…..

Pharast 3rd

Setting out to find the bandit camp, the group comes upon a group of 4 kobolds in a clearing in the woods surrrounded by moon radishes…..(needs to be finished)

Pharast 2nd

Waking up an hour before dawn the group prepared their ambush for the incoming bandits. Skylar tried to help settle Oleg into acting as if nothing was wrong and then the bandits were riding up to the gate. 4 bandits and 6 horses, the bandits had become too relaxed with their seemingly easy prey. Once all the bandits were inside, Ylonde opened fire loosing an arrow into their midst. Horses reared but the riders were able to be calmed down before they ran away. Seeing the oppurtunity created by his traveling companion, Slinker jumped out from under a wagon and striking at the closest horse, spooking the closest horse into bolting and the bandit falling to the ground in front of him. Pelliope also shot out from behind the stables door and loosed a magic missle into the bandits midst. Skylar sent his friend Boots the tiger into scaring the horses. Letting loose with a mighty roar spooking two more horses into flight. Finally able to respond the bandits start stabbing with their swords and their leader Happs, firing his deadly longbow first at Pelliope, then Boots and Slinker. With encouragment from Ylonde, the group was able to drag down and kill one, knocking 2 more of the bandits unconcious. With a tiger in his face and not a lot of damage going towards the group, Happs surrendered himself. After tying up the group………(needs to be finished)

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Pharast 1st

Group arrived at Oleg’s trading post and were greeted by Svetlana and Oleg Levetson. It seemed as though they were expecting soldiers from Brevoy, but the explorers revealed they were not that group. They agreed to help after some negotiations for the potions Oleg had in stock. Planning on a strategy for the following day they rested for the night.


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