Yolanda's Diary

Since I last wrote so much has happened. I do not have a lot of time to update because there is so much to do when running a new settlement.

We have defeated the Stag Lord, though it wasn’t easy. A great but clumsy battle was fought in the dead of night and we were victorious. We would not have won if it was for Jud, who managed to keep us fighting even when things seemed bleakest. The bandit layer had a great amount of treasure hidden inside, which helped us to begin our new settlement.

With all of our old friends to help us, we have created Riverton (named after the late Skylarr River). It is a small town where anyone is welcome, and all can call home. Though we had some trouble with Kobal/human relations, all that was soon settled. It isn’t easy running a place like this, trying to control large groups of humanoids is like herding fae.

Even with those problems we still manage to survive this harsh land. Every month new settlers come and farm the fertile lands or live in town. Just the a week ago a group came to start a mine right near the Kobals. I so desperately want them to fit into with out settlement, and Chief Suitscales and I are working together to make it happen.

All of our friends from out adventuring days are helping with running this rag tag settlement. Everyone had their part to play, even those who didn’t want settlers to begin with. It’s nice to finally feel like this place is home, even if it is a little wild.

That being said, life still goes on here. Just this month we celebrated the wedding of Calliope and Jud. It was a beautiful ceremony, and I prayed to Shelyn that their marriage be filled with love and understanding. I made all the clothes for the event, and though resources are scarce, everything came together beautifully.

Unfortunately some news came just now of a dragon in our north most lands. We shall go and bring it down, less the beast destroy important crops. I am sure we will be victorious.

Update: We beat the drake, and have brought it’s body back with us to use it’s skins for armor. It will help keep our small band of protectors safer than the simple leather, though we need someone to make such armor, since not many around know the art of crafting such fine wears.

Yolanda's Diary

These past few weeks has been some of the most life changing events I’ve encounter, next to deciding to leave home.

Though much more has happened with our group then I will write about, I will say a little about it. We went back to the fort, had a great time with everyone there. Met a troll who said he owned this land (we’ll make him pay for his awful words towards our dwarf friend.), then sneaked into the bandit camp. Just like old time. Now we are planning to attack using the trolls against the Staglord, drunken fool.

But enough about that. On our journey, Shelyn gave me a quest. It was the first time she has communicated so vividly to me, not her normal bird songs, or sad flowers. She showed me a path that led to an elf type figure. The path led to a lake, where the elf women was tied up and cried for help.

I pushed our group to go find her, and when we defeated her captures she was safe. I spent my last heal on her, leaving my poor cousin to die. She was near death, but so beautiful. She was a nymph who protected this forest and all of the beauty that it holds. I now see why Shelyn guided me here. For her gratitude of being saved, the nymph became my muse, and I received a lock of her hair.

She was able to save my dear cousin Slinker, though the spell she used made him into a half elf. I think this suites him better. If anything, half elf is a step up, making him more attractive, or at least more worthy of notice.

Though to some, this may seem trivial, but for me it was a huge sign. Sheyln is not only watching over me, but has blessed my journey into making this once wild land into a strong kingdom. And rightly so; the beauty of land is such that I wish only those who can make it better.

This week, a new surge of devotion has welled up in me. From this point, I will create more beauty in this realm, push out all that might destroy it, and unite all those who live here under love (whether love for home or for nature or beauty).

My new muse has called me to begin learning a string instrument since she told me it was her favorite. I will order one as soon as we reach the fort once more. Also, I will begin making beautiful clothes, so that all will know from my appearance who I follow. Besides, I’m sure the princess won’t mind being a genie pig for new designs.

From this point on, I will follow Shelyn’s teaching closer, and will push to bring beauty and love to all. And for all to love my beauty (whether inner or outer). This means that I must try to find

Yolanda's Diary

With the soldiers at the fort, this is a great time to practice my skills on them. Sure they are very easy to please but one must start somewhere. The Ladies of the Court of Bervoy might have men better worth their while to control and use, but beggars cannot be choosers. If I cannot successfully use my feminine whiles on these commoners, then how will I be able to charm the powerful men of the high courts?

It’s nice to finally not be known for a change. At home, no one would ever dare touch me, even if I begged. Just because I’m daughter of the head of the village doesn’t mean I don’t have needs or desires. During our travels around Bervoy, we never stayed anywhere long enough to create a lasting relationship with anyone. So far it’s been hard to hon my skills of seduction and love making but now with these lonely men in the fort, I will be able to practice.

I have read that the women of the High Council use their feminine powers to rule over the men who “run” the lands. Though I am sitting this forest, thoroughly beaten and sometimes nearly dead, my dreams of being a true lady have not been put out. One day, I will help rule Bervoy with my charming ways, and seductive nature.

Flint's Log, Pt. 1

My fellow halflings may find salvation even sooner than I thought! I have found a ragtag group of adventures while coming upon Oleg’s fort that have grown to be quite a reliable group. Together we had defeated a large and dangerous bandit camp, lured out a devious bunch of pranking feys, and fought a crazed man turned into a bear! Unfortunately, one of our friends was killed in that last battle, but his legacy shall live on in his efforts to explore and colonize these lands. Perhaps we shall name a settlement after him? Who knows!

Today, I must return to our secret refugee camp that I’ve been able to find for these freed halflings, and give them an update on my efforts. And also make sure no barbarians, wild animals, or whatever else, have threatened my brothers. I will not have all of this be for nothing…!

Pharast 10th

Group arrives at Oleg to see many new visitors there as well as there indentured bandits hard at work fixing up the fort…..

Pharast 9th

Further injured by the fight in the caverns the group decides to head back to Oleg’s but stop off to explore some plains the travelled across on their way to the kobold and mite territory. Slinker is able to spot a small hidden cave that his something reflecting light from inside. The group decides to leave it for now as Slinker needs time to rest and recuperate, although the group notes that it has been a while since the first attack on Oleg’s and wonders if the bandit group will be ready for them or not.

Pharast 8th

Still beat up and hurt the group makes it back to the kobold caverns and gives the statue to the chief. Chief Sootscale throws the statue down, breaking it. He then charges towards tartuk calling for his new comrades to help.

Pharast 7th

After a botched attempt to torture the poor mite in which Skylar grabs the shaman and the group is almost attacked in return they head out to the mite lair.

Coming up with a clever plan to smoke out the mites, the group is able to flush out 6 of the buggers before waiting the the smoke out to descend into the tunnels themselves. Fight details…

Pharast 6th

Being led through the sootscale cavern and past the captured mite, they meet with Chief Sootscale and eventually the tribe shaman Tartuk. Noticing some shifty things with the chief Pelliope tries to pry further but can’t seem to get anything from the chief, obviouslly bothered by something. They agree to rest the night to “gather enough energy” to torture the captured mite. Late in the night Niklak is summoned to do something inside the cave and isn’t heard from again.

Pharast 5th

Niklak and his kobolds lead the group towards the “evil” mite lair. Seeing the giant sycamore tree, the group decides they need more information about the conflict and decide to circumvent it for now and head to the Sootscale lair.


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