Skylar Rivers


I have been told that I am the child of Lord Gurev Medvyed. Before she died, my mother gave me a talisman she said was given to her by my father. It depicts the Medvyed crest – a black bear with antlers on a red field. While I have no reason to find my father, I keep the talisman as a reminder of my mother.

She died when I was very young and unable to fully fend for myself. I spent most of my youth scrounging what I could to survive, preferring to stick to the woods outside of town gathering what food I could find or hunting small game than risk getting caught stealing by the guards.

One day a great Tiger came across my path. Although scared, I held my ground against every ounce of my instincts, and calmly looked it in the eyes. To my surprise, the beast spoke to me! She simply said to follow her and trotted off into the woods. I was led to a small hut that housed an old man, a Druid named Kurinan. He told me that I had the gift of magic in me, a strong connection with the natural world. Without even understanding how, I had cast a spell that allowed me to speak with Boots, his companion. Over the next few years he taught me much about the world around me, magic, and even how to defend myself in battle.

After returning from a weeklong hunt with Boots, we discovered the hut ransacked and Kurinan dead! I headed south at once, tracking and chasing rumors of the culprits with Boots faithfully at my side.

Skylar Rivers

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