Sorceror of the sootscale kobolds.

Killed by Chief Sootscale and the adventurers.


(Translated by Pelliope)

Tartuk arrived a year ago from the east to the sootscales. Originally a gnome he was killed in a fight against a group of ogres who were tormenting his village, but his accidentally heroic sacrifice was enough to restore him to life – so they decided to use a scroll of reincarnate that had sat in the village treasury for years. He was reincarnated as a kobold with purple scales.
Scandalized, the village didn’t know how to react,. Tartuk, (meaning to surrender to and help the ogres before being killed) fled into the woods where he found and joined a tribe of kobolds. He used his control of magic to manipulate the tribe eventually leading them into a suicidal mission to attack his old village. In the subsequent battle, only Tartuk survived. The village burned, the kobolds all dead Tartuk drifted, tormenting gnomes and haunting towns where he could cause misery. He has since “joined” and led two more kobold tribes into extinction through wars and infighting and the sootscales were his latest project. Tricking the kobolds into thinking they were cursed by using prestidigitation on already dead kobolds to make their scales look yellow. Convincing them that the statue of “Old Sharptooth” needed to be returned to stop the curse (which he had given to the mites), he sent scores of poor kobolds to their death trying to invade the mite lair.


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