Quest Log


Hargulka Troll
-Large Troll claiming southern lands as his own

Oleg’s Trading Post
-Catapult missing (Single foot giant trail going East)
-Temple (find for Jhod) w/ bear (past fairies to SW)

Brigand Camp
-Fort is NE shore of tuskwater
-Passphrase is “By the bloody bones of St. Gilmorg, who wants to know”
-Staglord to S

Old Hermit Bokin
-Fangberries to the SW (4 hexes)
-“Bastard” brother cut off his pinky finger, hollow tree to S

Kobolds (west)
-Zombie to S

-Traps to NW of home
-Hotspring to W of Temple
-Temple SW of Fairies

Mercenary Falgrom Sneeg
-Return him alive to the Captain of the Guard for masterwork weapons


Oleg’s Trading Post
-Svetlana’s Wedding Ring (she thinks its with the Bandits to the SouthWest)
-Old Hermit Bokin with potions (East)

Kobolds (Sootscales)
-Mites stole statue of Sharptooth
-Tartug had control over tribe

Clear the Bandit Camp
-Don’t Die
-Remove the Bandit threat from the fortress.

Quest Log

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